Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault


The Medical Assault on the American Brain by Harris L Coulter
DPT: A Shot in the Dark described the effect of vaccination on babies and small children. In the present work we follow these children into adolescence and adulthood.
We show that the long-term effects of vaccination are far more common than has ever been suspected. These disabilities have been ascribed to other causes, and the connection with vaccination has been systematically ignored.
The American Psychiatric Association publishes a guide to mental illnesses in this country, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which devote seventy pages to ‘Disorders Usually First Evident in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence.’
These disorders have received the appellation ‘developmental disabilities.’ Probably the leading one is ‘dyslexia,’ also called ‘minimal brain damage.’ Another prominent one is ‘autism.’ But there are many others: ‘hyperactivity,’ ‘reactive attachment disorder of infancy,’ ‘oppositional disorder,’ ‘identity disorder,’ ‘functional enuresis,’ and so on.
Probably twenty percent of American children – one youngster in five – suffer from a ‘developmental disability.’ This is a stupefying figure. If some foreign enemy had inflicted such damage on our country, we would declare war. But, as the following pages demonstrate, we have inflicted it on ourselves. And we persist in it to this very day.
The following pages show that ‘developmental disabilities’ are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is the child hood vaccination program. *
To be specific, a large proportion of the millions of US children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other shoots and branches of the hydra-headed entity called ‘developmental disorders,’ owe their disorders to one or other of the vaccines against childhood diseases.deesill

The so-called ‘sociopathic personality’, which is at the root of the enormous increase in crime of the past two decades, it is also largely rooted in vaccine damage.
Thus the vaccination program has served to undermine the American school system – which is in collapse through inability to cope with the one-fifth or one-quarter of students who will never be able to read or to perform simple arithmetic calculations.
And it has contributed to a wave of violent crime which is turning our cities into jungles where the strong and the vicious prey upon the weak and unprotected.
The effects of the vaccination have altered the very tone and atmosphere of modern society. Because the changes are so insidious and widespread, and because we lack perspective, they have been largely overlooked. It is not easy to discern the outlines of the incubus which the vaccination program has loosed upon us.
Every day this program continues hundreds of normal healthy babies are turned into defective goods: mentally retarded, blind, deaf, autistic, epileptic, learning disabled, emotionally unstable, future juvenile delinquents, and career criminals.
*Encephalitis can arise in other ways: from trauma to the head, from a severe burn, or from infectious disease, but these are comparatively rare occurrences.
II Minimal Brain Damage
In the mid-1950s a decade after the emergence of autism, medical science and the public became aware of a spreading disorder among schoolchildren called ‘hyperactivity’:
The children show involuntary and constant over activity which greatly surpasses the normal. This may already present during early infancy. Motor development is often advanced, and histories frequently indicate that the child climbed out of the crib well before a year of age. Parents often say that he walked early and there was ‘no holding him’ after that, or that he could not be kept in a play pen and was into everything, having to be tied to keep him in the yard.vaccine

The US Public Health Service in 1963 listed nearly 100 signs and symptoms associated with hyperactivity and altered the name to ‘minimal brain dysfunction.’
However, the expression ’minimal brain damage’ is preferable, since the ‘dysfunction’ is the consequence of actual brain damage.
Within a decade minimal brain damage was presenting a major challenge to the American school system and to child psychiatry generally. Paul Wender, a leading authority, wrote in 1971 that the disorder ‘occurs in conjunction with – and possibly as the basis of – virtually all . . . categories of childhood behaviour disturbances. . Embarrassing but true and that it is ‘probably the most common single diagnostic entity seen in Child Guidance Clinics.’
The Shaywitzes, professors of paediatrics at Yale Medical School, wrote in 1984 that minimal brain damage is ‘perhaps the most common, and certainly one of the most time-consuming problems in current paediatric practice.’
And the Journal of the Medical Association in 1988 called minimal brain damage ‘the single most prevalent disability reported by elementary schools and one of the most common referral problems to child psychiatry outpatients clinics . . . probably the most researched problem in child psychiatry.’
Boys manifest it five or ten times as frequently as girls, and it was once thought to be an exclusively male disorder.
The American Psychiatric Association estimates that three percent of US prepubertal children suffer from one or another manifestation of minimal brain damage (from thirty to seventy-five percent of these are also hyperactive, depending on whose opinion one accepts).
But the APA’s figures are certainly understated. If the figure was only three percent, this disorder would not be ‘the most common single diagnostic entity seen in child Guidance Clinics.’ Those who have estimated the prevalence level at fifteen to twenty percent of school children are closer to the mark. But even this may be an understatement. Kathleen Long and David McQueen, studying the Maryland and District of Columbia school systems in 1984 (where thirteen percent of children are already in ‘special education classes’), concluded that ‘[minimally brain damaged] children are significantly under detected . . . nationally in public school systems.
In any case, the prevalence of minimal brain damage with hyperactivity is steadily rising.

Dyslexia is the reason why ‘Johnny Can’t Read’ today. Although solutions to the problem of galloping illiteracy in the United States are continually being proposed, no one really believes they will work. Our educational establishment is just conducting a holding action in the hope that they will wake up one day and find that Johnny can read after all.
This will never occur, however, as long as all the Johnnies in the country are being vaccinated with substances capable of making them dyslexic.
The connection between sudden infant death, asthma, and other breathing difficulties – all due to impairment of the cranial nerves governing respiration – should be investigated further, with particular reference to childhood vaccinations.
The parallels between the various cranial-nerve palsies in autism and minimal brain damage suggest a common origin of these two conditions and even an overall identity, differing from one another only in degree. Both are specific manifestations of a larger phenomenon, the post-encephalitic syndrome (discussed in the following chapter) which in most cases the consequence of childhood vaccinations.
The suicide rate among late adolescents in the United States doubled between the 1960’s and the 1980’s; even small children are found to have suicidal ideas – thirteen percent in one group studied. This is usually explained by psychiatrists and psychologists as a reaction to increased family tensions, divorce, and the like. No one has yet thought to inquire into the possibility that cause and effect run the other way; having a hyperactive, learning disabled, anorexic, and suicidal child in the family might quite well contribute to family tensions and thus to an increased divorce rate.
In any case, more attention should be directed to the connection between suicidal impulses in childhood and adolescence and the burden of encephalitis-induced minimal brain damage in infancy. And, in the broader sense, the medical profession should focus on vaccine damage as a possible cause of many of the typical mental illnesses and syndromes of today’s children and adolescents.vcc

Encephalitis, Autism, and Minimal Brain Damage
The three preceding chapters have sought to demonstrate that the conditions known as ‘autism’ and ‘minimal brain damage’ are only parts of a larger entity – the post-encephalitic syndrome – which, in turn, is caused primarily by the childhood vaccination programs.
Neurologic involvement is seen primarily in mental retardation, seizure disorders, muscular hypertony or hypertony, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity and a tendency to left handedness. When the cranial nerves are affected, the result is weakness of the eyes, ears, voice, and respiratory system, the latter condition being responsible for the cases of ‘sudden infant death’ following upon vaccinations.
The principal manifestation of cranial nerve involvement, of course, is the epidemic of dyslexia and other learning disabilities which are already overwhelming the American educational system.
Headaches and sleep disturbances associated with encephalitis are doubtless responsible, at least in part, for the epidemic of anorexia and the weight gain and obesity problems of Americans in the late twentieth century.
Hyperactivity and minimally brain-damaged children also manifest a high incidence of allergic manifestations. Doris Rapp, a paediatric allergist practicing in Buffalo who was interviewed for this book, stated her opinion that two thirds of hyperactive or minimally brain-damaged children suffer also from severe allergies. She stated further:
I have repeatedly noted in the history of many small children whom I treat for allergies that they get a DPT, and then within a month or two they begin to regress. Their allergies will have gotten better, and they will have started to learn well and easily, and then they get their DPT, and a short time later their allergies come back, and they stop talking, or they don’t walk as well. The parents keep giving me this history and they ask, ’Is it related?’
The mere recognition that autism and minimally brain-damage are consequences of encephalitis should be convincing evidence that the childhood vaccination program is responsible. Vaccination, after all, is known to cause encephalitis, and no other candidate is in sight.
If there is pervasive subclinical encephalitis in the US population, it must come from the vaccination program.
Subliminal awareness that discussing autism and minimal brain-damage in terms of encephalitis leads to questioning the rationale of childhood vaccination has probably kept physicians and other researchers away from this explosive issue.
Children are the building blocks of the family and later to society. If these are defective from infancy, the development of both family and society will be distorted and denatured.
When ten or twenty percent of children are minimally brain-damaged, how can family life be normal? When ten or twenty percent of high-school graduates have never learned to read, how can they not watch television during most of their waking hours? When over a million children every day are legally receiving amphetamines and other drugs in school to suppress hyperactivity, how can there not be a drug culture?
The family and society are both victims – of vaccination programs forced on them by state legislatures which are entirely too responsive to medical opinion and medical organizations. Committee chairmen who unhesitatingly criticize economists, ecologists, city-planners, and manufacturers become uncharacteristically meek when confronting a medical expert.
These programs have spawned the profusion of twisted and distorted individuals who have created the American society we know today.
Childhood vaccinations cause various types of mental retardation ranging from a slight drop in IQ to total idiocy; they also generate dyslexia and other reading disabilities. It is no coincidence, therefore, that when the 1945 generation took the examinations in 1963 for entry into college or into the army, they gave notice of an incipient decline in the American intelligence.
This was measured, for instance, by the Scholastic Aptitude Tests taken by college-bound high-school seniors. In 1963 the average SAT verbal score was at its highest since the commencement of testing – 478, and the math score 36 points to 466. The scores today are the lowest in the sixty-year history of these tests.
And since the tests themselves have actually become easier, other researchers conclude that the IQ decline is fifty percent worse.
The bureaucratic transformation of medicine strengthened the power of professional organizations and lessened that of the practitioner. It has insulated medicine from both internal and external criticism.
The possibility of whistle-blowing from within the ranks of practitioners has been almost entirely stifled. The physician who sees first-hand the disastrous consequences of vaccination can rarely make his voice heard, and can never prevail against professional bureaucrats. So the juggernaut rolls on and on.
Any blaming of physicians voiced in this book is, In fact, a rebuke directed against its bureaucratic structure, which has prevented many well-meaning practitioners, who understood the potential dangers of vaccination, from speaking out.
Medical bureaucracies are also largely insulated from external criticism.
Medicine has powerful allies in business and politics. And it has even coopted a part of the press which, while willing enough to censure the highest officials in the land, is often timid and subservient before the self- confidently dogmatic physician.
Protected on all sides, medical organizations were able to press forward with one vaccination program after another, ignoring the evidence that these were exacting a toll in ruined lives.
Once the dimensions of the vaccination catastrophe have been adequately appreciated, corrective action should be taken. If the errors of the past – the wrong decisions and the wrong actions taken in relation to vaccination programs – are seen to reflect the medical profession’s monopoly position in all matters relating to health, the cure should be sought in a curtailment of these monopoly powers.
Power corrupts in medicine as elsewhere. In granting absolute power to medical organizations we have made them candidates for absolute corruption.

If organized medicine is permitted to retain its present dominance over the health of the citizenry, tragedies similar to the ones described in this book will inevitably recur in the future.
Organized medicine’s claim to pre-eminence in medical science should be scrutinized. What kind of ‘science’ is it that inflicts neurological damage on several hundred thousand children a year?
The first corrective measure, which should be taken at once, is to suspend all childhood vaccinations pending an investigation of their true impact on the public health. When and if these programs are resumed, the ‘shots’ should be voluntary, not compulsory.
Immunization will always involve a risk, however many improvements are made in the design and manufacture of vaccines. Hence it is intolerable that families should be compelled by the government to subject their children to this threat. Decisions which affect the individual’s health and life should not be forced upon him by self-appointed groups of experts who are not even in a position to take responsibility for their errors.
The errors of physicians are being paid for by thousands and thousands of American families. What have they done to deserve such a fate?
Our authorities should be mindful of the fact that in Western Europe only the tetanus and the oral poliomyelitis vaccinations are obligatory. They should heed the words of Justus Stroem, the prominent Swedish vaccine specialist, who stated, ‘The modern infant must receive a large number of injections, and a reduction in their number would be a distinct advantage.’
‘The most immunized child in history’ should disappear into history.


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