Cordyceps & Reishi: The Helpful, Health-promoting Fungus Among Us

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For a number of years I’ve known that reishi and cordyceps mushrooms were great health aids, but didn’t know much about the specifics. It wasn’t until I started using Madre Labs CocoCeps Instant Organic Dark Cocoa Beverage (which contains organic micronized reishi and cordyceps powder) that I really wanted to know more about the benefits they offer. So I did some reading and research and here’s just some of what I found. What these funny looking fungi can do health-wise is pretty impressive, to say the least…..

Cordyceps Kill Cancer Cells and Boost Immunity

(by Karen Sanders for In a development that sounds almost as far-fetched as a plot twist penned by a Hollywood screenwriter, some medical researchers are hopeful that a parasitic fungus found on Tibetan caterpillars may hold the key to ending the cancer epidemic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine reveals the true power of cordyceps

Cordyceps, scientifically known as…

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