The worst times are the best times

We live in gold time of abundance, health, peace and decreasing criminality…

If you think otherwise, could it be that that you’ve gotten caught by the mainstream of media  full of fear and propaganda?

You might be interested to look at the statistics below:


Child mortality and life expectancy





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Although the twentieth century had more than its fair share of horrors, it also was an era of incredible development. Modern medicine, sanitation, and agriculture helped billions of people live longer, healthier lives.

The Gapminder Foundation is dedicated to using statistics to inform people about the ways in which our world has changed and continues to change. The coolest tool on its website is Gapminder World, which allows anyone to make animated graphs showing how different statistics — ranging from carbon dioxide emissions, to income inequality, to the ratio of boys to girls in school — have changed in different countries over time.

We made a graph to show how child mortality and life expectancy have changed around the world since 1950 (animated below; interactive version here).

The countries are color-coded by region: red is East Asia and the Pacific, orange is Europe and Central Asia, yellow is the Americas, green is the Middle East and North Africa, light blue is South Asia, and dark blue is Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Long Term Trends in Homicide Rates

Here is a graph of American, England and The World homicide rates, the earlier results should be taken with a grain of salt of course, but the trend is clear. N.B. These rates are per 100,000. –
Violence Chart

Armed conflicts of all kinds, including civil wars





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Food production and cost

Food Cost1

Food Cost

World food production. This chart shows global food production, by metric tons.

Global Food production

 Annual food waste by region (kg/person)

Food waste




Source and to find more:


Please watch this video





Source and find more:

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