The Barletta Declaration – Please watch, listen, think, share.

On October 19, 2014, a memorable event took place in Southern Italy in the historic town of Barletta. Addressing the audience and the people of the world, Dr. Matthias Rath gave a keynote speech in which he outlined the cornerstones of a future preventive health care system. Demanding that powerful corporate interests should be stopped from imposing the “business with disease” on the people of the world, he described unique and impressive strategies that will allow mankind to free itself from the current dictatorial system of health care.

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WATCH:  Dr. Rath’s statement about Ashya King’s odyssey

“The parents of Ashya King say they still fear returning to Britain, after a clinic treating the boy in Prague said he had completed his proton beam therapy for a brain tumour.

Brett and Naghmeh King, from Portsmouth, triggered an international police hunt when they removed their five-year-old son from Southampton hospital in August without the consent of doctors and travelled to Spain.” –  can you imagine it!?

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