Democracy OS


We presented DemocracyOS at the World Economic Forum, the World Justice Forum and TEDx.
Check out those videos and learn more about our story on our blog!

Occupy Wall Street. Arab Spring. Greek Riots. We’ve been experiencing a great crisis of representation these past decades, regardless of our location, ethnicity or culture. The political system insists in excluding most of us from the spaces where the decisions are made that impact our lives. The internet has changed everything: the way we share and consume culture, how we engage in commerce, and how we communicate with others. But the internet has failed to change in one key area of our lives: politics. Democracy is in great need of a serious upgrade.

We are working on a user-friendly, open-source, vote and debate tool, crafted for parliaments, parties and decision-making institutions that will allow citizens to get informed, join the conversation and vote on topics, just how they want their representatives to vote. A tool that will transform the noise we create during protests into a signal that has a clear, direct and strong impact on the political system. Our vision is that DemocracyOS will become the operating system of a more open and participatory government. Live Demo for the City of Buenos Aires.

We’re about to start a Kickstarter to seek funding for our mission. Join Us.


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